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Lab Investigations
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* TLC and DLC stands for Total and Differential Leucocyte Count.
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Additional Reports
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Additional Health Questions
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2. Are you diabetic?
3. Any family history of kidney disease?
4. Are you allergic to any food, medicine or weather?
5. Your liquid input and output in 24 hours?
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7. How is your bowel movement?
8. Do you feel any nausea or vomiting?
9. Do you have any breathlessness?
10. Do you feel weak?
11. Do you have any itching?
12. Is there any swelling on face, legs or feet?
13. Are you on dialysis?
14. How long have you been on dialysis?
15. If it is Heamodialysis - what is the frequency?
16. Please list medicine(s) that you are currently taking.
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