May 11, 2015

Our Products

The herbs in our products are carefully chosen and have known safety profiles. We have avoided inclusion of any chemicals, steroids and metals, which might pose risks. You may continue taking prescription drugs that are recommended by your nephrologist however, if you wish to start our treatment you must stop all other herbal/homeopathic or any other supplements.

We at KKCC are committed to producing the finest high potency herbal products possible. We buy herbs from there indigenous regions to ensure that the proper climate, soil and water crucial to the content of active ingredients are present, as most herbs indigenous to one region cannot have the same content if grown in another region. We buy herbs that are harvested at the proper time to ensure optimum potency of the active ingredients in each herb.

Once the herbs arrive at the manufacturing plant, it is examined macroscopically and microscopically by the Master Pharmacist. All products are manufactured under the GMP certification guidelines to ensure the highest effectiveness and almost eliminate the potential of side effects.

Our products are tested twice, once by our supplier and then by an independent third party lab. Additional tests are also performed to ensure that our products are absolutely free of any heavy metals, steroids or chemicals.

Our products are produced and marketed in the form of capsules and tablets.

Kundan Kidney Care Centre
About Kundan Kidney Care

At Kundan Kidney Care Centre we believe that kidneys can recover. We been helping kidney patients for the last three decades and have helped thousands of patients.

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