Stage 1 and 2

At these initial stages, the kidneys are damaged impacting functions in the excretion of wastes. Abnormalities in blood or urine tests are also known in these stages. Kidney Supplement as the name suggests, helps in rejuvenating the kidneys so that they may start to work on their own in eliminating the waste.

Kidney Supplement comes in tablet and capsule form, and is made from medicinal herbs harvested from indigenous regions to ensure the potency of active ingredients. These ingredients have diuretic properties and are used in treating kidney problems.

The efficacy of these tablets is guaranteed by the stringent manufacturing process supervised by a Master Pharmacist and following Good Manufacturing Practices certification guidelines. The testing processes involved also ensure that taking this herbal supplement will not result in any known side effects.

 Kidney failure stage 1 and 2 Two months supply of kidney supplements

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*this product helps in improving Creatinine value, urine flow, energy level and other kidney related ailment.

Patients in stage 3 or higher are asked to fill-out our assessment form to have their case assessed and they may require our other more potent supplements.