Ectopic Kidneys – A Detailed Analysis of this Dreadful Kidney Disease

Every human being is born with 2 kidneys. However, in some people, certain factors influence how the kidneys develop. An ectopic kidney is a kidney that is out of place, which means it does not grow in the proper location and is caused by a birth defect. Ectopic kidneys are thought to occur in about 1 out of 900 births. But only about 1 out of 10 of these are ever diagnosed.

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Most people do not have symptoms and their kidneys function normally even when they are not in the right place. You may not need any treatment for ectopic kidneys, but you definitely need treatment for complications arising out of it. The common problem involves the flow of urine and associated diseases such as urinary tract infection, kidney stones and kidney damage. You can put an end to these kidney problems by using natural herbs for kidney problem. Kundan Kidney Care Centre provides herbal supplements that are made up of natural herbs which are free of any chemicals, steroids, and metals. They help in successfully treating and even regenerating diseased kidneys, without any side effects.

Read further to know more about the leading causes of ectopic kidneys, symptoms and how to treat diseases caused by ectopic kidneys.

Leading Causes of Ectopic Kidney

It usually happens when the baby is in mother’s womb. In case of ectopic kidney, even after the signal is received from kidney tissue, the kidneys do not move to the right place. It may remain in the pelvis area. They move slightly upward but they stop after reaching a certain position. It may also move higher than its normal position. A kidney may even cross over so that both kidneys are on the same side of the body. Some of the leading causes of ectopic kidneys are:

• Genetic defects
• Defect in the kidney tissues
• Under developed kidney
• Infection that disturbs a baby’s growth in the womb

Symptoms of Ectopic Kidney

Most patients do not suffer from any signs or symptoms because their kidneys keep working properly, despite being at an abnormal position. However, due to changes in the body, it might cause some problem in urine draining. This is because up to 1 out of 2 ectopic kidneys are at least partially blocked. The most common symptoms linked to the ectopic kidney are urinary tract infections (UTI), belly pain and a lump in the abdomen. Often those suffering from ectopic kidney lead a normal life without ever realizing that they have this kidney problem.

How Can You Get Ectopic Kidney Treated?

An ectopic kidney needs to be treated only if there’s a blockage or urine backing up into the kidney. This problem us called vesicoureteral reflux (VUR). If this is the case, your healthcare provider can treat it through surgery. The surgery can remove the blockage or fix VUR. If in case the kidney is badly scarred and not working well, instead of getting it removed, it is recommended to go for natural herbal treatment. The natural herbs for kidney problem rejuvenate the kidney cells, thereby eliminating the need for removal. It’s possible to live a normal life by adding natural herbal supplement in your daily regime.

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