Herbal Remedies for Kidney Problems

Herbal Remedies for Kidney Problems

Healthy kidneys function to remove extra water & wastes and keep body chemicals in balance. As kidney function declines, waste products – blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine – begin to accumulate in our body, which lead to numerous kidney problems. At Kundan Kidney Care, we provide natural, safer and herbal remedies for kidney problems. Our unique herbal medicine cure delivers the fusion of Eastern and Western research.

Herbs For Kidney Care

Kidney disease occurs as a result of genetic problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, overreaction to some drugs, and glomerulonephritis. Kidney stones, prostate disease, polycystic kidney problem, vasculitis and hemolytic-uremic syndrome are also some of the causative factors of kidney disease. Our Ayurvedic treatment and herbal products deal with symptoms and address the deeper levels of imbalances. Kundan Kidney Care ISO certified centre makes use of herbs and other natural resource to provide holistic treatment and cure patients with kidney problems. Our Ayurvedic treatment of chronic kidney failure is based on three principles:

  • Reversing the damaged kidneys
  • Treating the kidney tissues
  • Treating the known cause

Our herbal remedies for kidney problems are sourced from indigenous regions and manufactured in  a GMP and ISO certified facility. They are tested twice, once by our supplier and then by an independent third party laboratory. Our carefully chosen herbs have known safety profiles and are free from heavy metals, chemicals and contaminants. Our herbal remedies for kidney problems are safe to follow with your prescribed Allopathic medicine. We also recommend dietary changes to our patients to help them recover faster from their kidney disease.

Our Dietary Recommendations for Kidney Problems:

  • The food should be low in protein
  • Avoid fast food, processed and preserved foods
  • Avoid to take cheese, nuts, and animal products
  • Cook vegetables with excess of water
  • Avoid excess of tea, coffee, jam, sauces

If you are looking for safe reversal of kidney disease and seeking herbal remedies for your kidney problems, you can contact our kidney specialists at: +91 96 5353 7575. You can even send your queries to info@kundankidneycare.com.


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