MainStream Vs Natural Treatment

MainStream Vs Natural Treatment

What is the mainstream treatment for kidney disease?

The mainstream treatment for the final stage of kidney disease is either dialysis or transplant. Dialysis could be quite expensive, it may cost up to Rs.200,000 to Rs.3 00,000 a year. This is an ongoing procedure that need to be performed three times a week. In some cases it could be quite uncomfortable and causes many other symptoms.

Transplant is usually the next step after dialysis. This option is dependent on finding the right donor and could cost quite a sum of money. Kidney transplant comes with its own challenges. Patients are usually put on heavy immunosuppressive drugs resulting in other complications. Kidney transplant can last from weeks to in some cases to years.

What is the natural treatment for kidney disease?

A natural treatment offers a multi-prong approach to the kidney disease.

    • Medicine: Herbal medicine is provided to rejuvenate the kidneys so that they may start to work on their own eliminating or reducing the frequency of dialysis. All the products offered are manufactured in a GMP and ISO certified facility with Grade A herbs and are guaranteed to be free of any chemicals, metals and steroids
    • Diet: An appropriate diet is suggested to reduce the load on kidneys so that they are not working too hard to eliminate the waste from the body. A fine balance need to be found by each patient so that the diet is easier on kidneys and also the essential nutrients are there to keep a balanced body chemistry. This approach allows the kidneys to repair and recover.
    • Yoga: It is believed that kidneys are associated with the second chakra and the element associated with kidneys is water. It is helpful to do some moderate yoga (permitting the physical condition of the patient) to have the blood flow running to the kidneys so that they can repair faster. A sound mind and positive thoughts are very much part of the natural treatment.
    • Role of Prescribed Medicine (Allopathic Medicine): Kidney disease is quite a complex disease and comes with many other symptoms. The prime purpose of the herbal medicine is to rejuvenate and repair the kidneys. While this is happening, it is utterly important to keep all other issues in check. For example, continue your prescribed medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, water retention, low calcium, high potassium or phosphorus, low HB or any other related issue.

What to expect from the Herbal Treatment?

  • Lower Creatinine Level
  • Lower Urea Level
  • Improvement in GFR
  • Improvement in Appetite
  • Better skin and hair texture
  • Overall feeling of healthiness

How soon can I see the results?

We have had patients in the early stages of kidney disease noticing results within 4 weeks however the chronic end stage patients may have to wait 6 to 8 weeks to notice any significant results.

Who is the ideal candidate for Herbal Treatment? 

  • Stage 1 to Stage 4 has the highest recovery rate. Results can be noticed within a few weeks.
  • Stage 5 where the patient is on dialysis for less than 2 years.
  • Patient still urinates
  • Other electrolytes are under control
  • No other major complications

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