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When Kidney Patients Seek A Second Opinion

When patients walk out of their physician’s office with at least two prescriptions and have second thoughts what should they do? Studies have shown that most prescription drugs treat one symptom or an ailment, but are most likely to cause other illnesses. For example while analgesics such as Ibuprofen will alleviate pain it can damage other body organs such as the kidneys. For this reason, kidney patients should be cautious about pain killers because of its contra-indications.

However, those who have second thoughts about their treatment plans have the right to seek a second opinion. Patients have the right to be informed about all treatments available, including the alternatives that they have. The other times that patients seek second opinions would be: when they are advised to undergo surgery; when they are diagnosed with cancer; when they do not agree with the treatment plan made for them; and when they are dissatisfied with the health care management they receive from their doctors.

Ideally patients with chronic kidney diseases should have a treatment plan that would consist the following: blood testing, medicines, dietary advice, and physical activities advice.

Most of the time, however, physicians are more interested in giving prescriptions to treat specific symptoms rather than looking at the overall wellbeing of the patient. Patients are also most likely to get prescriptions from drug companies which the doctor have good relationships with. Although these are unethical medical practices, they seem to be the norm. So while a health care professional has all the good intentions in the world of treating patients, he seems to be functioning within these values system that patronize drug companies.

However, as mentioned at the start, patients have an option. If there is any doubt about the treatment plan, diagnosis or surgery,patients have the right to see other doctors.

Things CKD patients should remember when seeking second opinion

Patients should bring their medical records with them for re-assessment. They should also bring all their blood test results and prescriptions. Doctors who see patients for re-evaluation will check these when they make an alternative treatment plan. Don’t be afraid or intimidated to ask doctors questions about the alternative treatment plan they have for you and why they think it will lead to a better prognosis for your health.

Make sure your plan includes the following: blood work, lifestyle advice (diet and exercise); alternative prescriptions, including frequency and purpose; notepad for patients to make notes of their treatment preferences and to list questions for the next appointment.

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